Offered articles:

Product nameQuantity in a packagePicture
Wooden cutting boards50
Wooden kitchen cutting board with metal handle50
Meat mallet with ironwork50
Wooden meat mallet (rectangular)50
Potato masher "s"40
Potato masher round20
Wooden stick with rounded end50
Moving dough roller50
Static dough roller50
Meat roller50
Roller with handle50
Mini roller50
Wooden spatula50
Wooden spatula slotted50
Wooden spoons (4 sizes)50
Wooden spoon50
Set of wooden50
Vegetable peeler (normal)50
Vegetable peeler (Lux)50
Wooden knife50
Wooden honey dipper50
Wooden pliers50
Wooden scoop (2 types)50
Wooden nut grinder – standard shape50
Wooden nut grinder – mushroom shape50
Wooden cup holder50
Wooden kitchen towel holder50
Mouse trap50
Metal wire brush30
Kij 110 cm (buk, powlekany)25
Broom head30
Wooden brush50
Brush head40
Brush ”S”50